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In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • Antenna synthesis with Antenna Magus and antenna array design
  • Installed performance of designed antennas
  • Human exposure and radiation hazard analysis
  • Simulation time reduction by using High-Performance Computing

Antennas are the keystone technology that allows connected smart devices to communicate wirelessly, and their design represents a key enabler for 5G. Challenges like antenna integration, blockage, human exposure certification, and others can be overcome by using proven 3D electromagnetic simulation.

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Join the webinar and learn how to face challenges and help improve the performance of antenna designs

Accelerating 5G antenna design challenges with Simulia CST Studio Suite High-Performance Computing

Join this webinar to find out how SIMULIA CST Studio Suite can help improve the performance of antenna designs while reducing cost and development time with High-Performance Computing 

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  • Academician in the field of design and development of antenna for different applications

Our presenters

Pankaj Jha 

Senior EMAG Solution Consultant in VIAS Virtual Integrated Analytic Solutions 

Pankaj has more than 9 years of academic and industrial experience in modeling and simulation of different types of electromagnetic problems. He has worked in the areas of Antenna, Antenna Array, Filter Design, Microwave, and RF circuits from GHz to THz, Bio-electromagnetics, EMI/EMC, EDA/Electronics, and Low-Frequency Electromagnetic problems. He provides technical support and engineering services to customers and helps drive the growth of VIAS electromagnetic solutions. He worked with Dassault Systems as a Solution Consultant and was responsible for Aerospace & Defense and High-Tech industry technical portfolios for the CST Studio Suite. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D), where he studied Radio Frequency Design and Technology. 

Daniel Ochoa is an EMAG Solutions Consultant at VIAS with 9 years of experience working on topics related to RF and microwave systems, modeling and simulating different types of Electromagnetic problems. He has worked in areas like PA design, Antenna, Antenna Array, broadband matching networks design, and Filter design, from GHz to THz. Also has experience on the simulation of statics/low frequency systems. He provides technical support and engineering services to customers and helps drive growth of VIAS CST Studio Suite and Opera Solutions. He was an Assistant Professor and Researcher with the Military Technological Institute of Havana and the Technological University of Havana, where he received his B.S and M.S degrees in electronics and telecommunications engineering.

Daniel Ochoa

EMAG Solutions Consultant at VIAS - Virtual Integrated Analytics Solutions Inc.

December 10, 2020 - 12:00 pm CT

Microwayone of Massachusetts’ oldest computer manufacturers, a woman-owned small business with over 36 years of experience on product design, service, and software integration for HPC. 

Co-Hosted by:

Derek Noonis

Regional Sales Manager & EM Simulation Lead in VIAS

A trusted, award winning sales professional with extensive experience presenting, selling, implementing, and supporting engineering software solutions. My focus is to work alongside customers to help position them to effectively utilize best-in-class engineering software provided by Dassault Systèmes. Vast experience selling the SIMULIA portfolio, which handles virtual simulation for every domain of physics imaginable. Also experienced selling CAD, PLM, and the 3DExperience Platform.
Examples of such solutions: Abaqus, CST STUDIO SUITE, BIOVIA, Simpack, Wave6, ENOVIA, CATIA, and more.

Eliot Eshelman 

VP, Strategic Accounts and HPC Initiatives 

Eliot has been designing, building, and supporting computational systems for nearly 20 years. He brings holistic and practical perspectives to any deployment - ensuring that the solution meets the needs of the organization and the needs of the individual users.