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Join our 3rd session of CATIA University on October 19th at 12:00 PM EDT

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Discover how CATIA will help automate your design and engineering process, improving productivity and reducing time-consuming manual tasks.


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Use CATIA and foster innovation

Benefit the Automotive Industry

Creating competitive analysis, paneling spring-back measurement and prototyping parts

Help the Industrial Equipment development

During different phases of part prototyping and manufacturing design compensation

Benefit the Aerospace Industry

During Competitive Analysis, Legacy part reproduction, manufacturing design compensation and Additive Manufacturing part preparation

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Use templates and rules to solve complex design challenges. Reuse data, and instill standardization within projects. 

See how the use of Templates will help automate your design and engineering process

The Simulation Process Engineer role leverages simulation methods and provides access to key simulation tools and processes by capturing and automating the execution of multiple tasks necessary in the innovation, verification & validation cycle. 

Improve productivity and reduce time-consuming manual tasks, democratize best practices and create peformance models for design exploration.

Discover Automation using Process Composer unlimited engineering automation.

In the 3DEXPERIENCE there is great flexibility for automation from spreadsheet automation to design experiments and optimization.

Automation Highlights:

  • Encapsulate Knowledge and Know-how to eradicate manual simulation processes, significantly improving efficiency and traceability

  • Capture complex integration workflows that robustly take into account variability of a high number of design parameters and multiple simulation tools for use in design exploration

Apply it to all manufacturing methods, to any products and industries where manufacturing accuracy is critical and must tie directly back to the design (CAD model).

Lengthy engineering changes are often the cause of delays and increased production costs. Product designs that continue to use physical prototypes are more prone to errors, delays, and increased costs. 

However, choosing a solution with built-in knowledge ensures your product conforms to various standards, helping you to work faster and design right the first time.

Join our Relational Design, Templates & Automation class on October 19th and learn new ways of using CATIA to improve and automate your processes!

Collaborate on connected designs, from concept through development. Reuse data and quickly make design changes.

Learn how CATIA supports Connected Engineering to use Relational Design technics and quickly update designs

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Templates, Optimization and Rules Designer roles provide capabilities to easily capture engineering knowhow and methodology for highly efficient reuse. As a result, this helps organizations share best practices and avoid duplication of effort.

Relational Design key benefits:

  • Create advanced relational designs with embedded rules and checks to increase design adaptability
  • Use standard checks for geometry, methodologies and compliance to avoid expensive redesigns
  • Utilize established algorithms for design optimizations and create design of experiments to achieve design KPIs

Gain robust designs, increase productivity, reduce errors and optimize geometry by capturing company know-how and best practices in all design processes.  

Templates Highlights:

  • Product optimization convergence through optimization for Min, Max; Design of Experiments and Constraint Satisfaction
  • Pervasive in all design workflows with highly integrated capabilities
  • Interactive, easy & simple process for creating design templates
  • Enrich templates with formula, equations, patterns and custom actions

October 19th - 12:00 PM EDT